Hands off the British exit, everyone!

So should we Europeans play bad cop or good cop with the British now that they´ve voted out?
Neither, of course.
What to do next is entirely a British decision.

Juncker, Schulz and others state very clearly that the UK have to hand in notice as soon as possible.
No, they don´t
The when is strictly up to the British.

The UK held a consultative referendum where the majority voted ”out”,
It is a British sovereign decision when to act on that vote, and decide when to hand in notice to the EU.
In fact, it´s entirely up to the British parliament IF they want to hand in a notice at all.

So good cop then?
Maybe offer the UK a sweeter deal to convince them to stay?
Keep an open door?

Certainly not.
That would be deeply disrespectful to the British majority that has clearly said they want OUT.
(Just imagine what populists Farage and Johnson would make of that one: …`The EU now try to manipulate the British voters out of their democratic choice.`)

Also, it would be just as disrespectful to all EU countries struggling to meet the requirements of their EU membership.

What about the uncertainty that the British dithering is inflicting upon all our businesses that trade with the UK?
Not knowing whether the UK is going to leave or remain, costs us money as well as it does British businesses.

Well, we can vote too.
With our feet.
The longer the uncertainty goes on, the sooner non-British businesses are going to start relocating to the continent (part of their activities, to begin with, most likely, always safer to bet on both outcomes).
That´s our choice and their loss.

And what about the British hanging about the EU institutions, wanting to influence EU decisions even though they could be leaving soon?
We may disregard everything they say.

Those are the choices we have right now.
The rest is up to the British.

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  1. Hello Ms Nilssen,
    My name is Stephen Round I am an ex-miner I live in York County England we have many historical and genetic linkages with Scandinavia many of our place names and family names are also yours. I read your artcle in London’s Guardian and wondered how you could be so blind …have you noticed that we English do not have an English Parliament… (outside London) and that we are being ripped off by a greedy selfish …rapacious Capital City full of thieves conmen and liars which only cares about itself. Only City’s have Empires and Empires only recognise colonies why did you allow Britain into the E.U. when we should have joined you as England Scotland N.Ireland and Wales. Why did you ignore the terms of The Atlantic Charter of 1941. which promised every european country it’s own democratically representative government who forgot to include us?

    1. Yes, we do have so much in common, don’t we? And maybe you should join as England, Scotlsnd, Wales and Northern Ireland. That will always have to be your choice though, no one else can decide what’s best for you.

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